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Who am I?

Who am I? (girl with no face)

It's my belief that self-discovery comes from self-exploration; not idle thoughts about trivial things, but deep questions that put you face to face with the core of who you are.

Be brave. It may be dark in there. It may be ugly. It may be uncomfortable or downright painful. Looking inside is well worth the discomfort though, I promise.

You may even feel like you're standing on the outer rim of yourself, not knowing how to get inside and discover who you really are?

Finding answers is not really about the answers, it's more about the questions. Knowing the right questions to ask is more powerful than knowing the right answers. Answers are by nature fluid, subject to change as we grow on our journey. The really good questions though - there's the gold!!! They'll always be firm and dependable, guiding your course faithfully like a north star.

There's so many great questions to ask to get to know yourself and I've trekked through a ton. My path has led me to a point where I now guide others on their journey by pointing them to the right questions and for this I'm deeply grateful. It fulfills me to empower others as I have been.

A good question will make you pause and say: "wow, I never thought of that before." Great! This means you're about to expand the boundaries of your consciousness. My husband taught me that there's no limit to the extent of the human mind and likewise I believe there's no limit to the extent of the human heart. There's so much good we can achieve with just this one mind and one heart if we make a lifelong commitment to asking ourselves: "who am I? Why am I here"


Alright I'll go first...

For starters, I'm a professional Martial Arts teacher, a dancer, a Life Coach and Feminine Leadership entrepreneur. I've obtained Bachelor's Degrees, Associate's Degrees and certifications for numerous vocations.

Underneath that surface I'm a wife and loyal friend, a devoted student to my path, a seeker of truth, and an adoring mommy to three fur babies and twelve feather babies.

Beneath that I'm a female human approaching middle age realizing I'll never feel old while my heart feels young. My body ages and my consciousness expands and yet I'm still the little girl with the gap between her teeth and the sweaty hands practicing cart wheels in the front yard; I'm still the baby determined to crawl and to speak - determined to do what I must do, regardless of how many times I fail.

And beyond that is for me to know and me to find out.

This self-portrait barely scratches the surface of the living art that is me. To know me takes being in my presence. To know anyone for that matter takes feeling and "seeing" their being; experiencing their richness and their simplicity is beyond description. Treat yourself as if you're that extraordinary person you've been dying to know.

Now it's your turn. Who are you? That is for you to find out.

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