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What Makes YOU Beautiful?

Hi! We’re the co-founders of Awaken. My name is Marie. And I’m Shizumi.

We are a women’s empowerment and leadership organization.

And part of our mission has been to redefine the paradigms around strength, beauty, leadership and power. For most of us our culture and the media and our upbringing have defined that for us in some pretty unpleasant ways, but it’s really our responsibility as individuals to own our personal belief systems, so that we may remember it’s all within our power to change them.

This is how we really tap into our integrity. We ask ourself on a very deep level “what does beauty really mean to me?” “How do I fully embody strength and leadership in my life?” “What is real power?” “And how do I move forward as strong feminine energy in the world?”

So we decided to do a project to share with you…

Yes! We looked to our sisters and we took to the streets and asked women of all ages and walks of life:


(Watch the video to find out!)


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