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Time is TBD - September 2020


Nevada City Private Retreat Space

Awaken's Annual Sisterhood Retreat 2020

At Awaken, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind retreats for hard working women who need to press pause, getaway and feed their soul, so they can come back to their life rejuvenated.

Awaken's Annual Sisterhood Retreat 2020
Awaken's Annual Sisterhood Retreat 2020

Time & Location

Time is TBD - September 2020

Nevada City Private Retreat Space, Nevada City, CA 95959, USA

About the event


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: 

Something magical happens when women come together with intent and give their presence to one another.

Sisters, we’re gearing up for our annual retreat and we want you to be a part of it this time!

Honestly, we all need to getaway sometimes, recharge our batteries and nurture the one relationship that matters most – our relationship with ourself!

At Awaken, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind retreats for hard working women who need to press pause, getaway and feed their soul, so they can come back to their life rejuvenated.

From adventurous challenges in nature to relaxing, meditative experiences by the water, you’ll find our retreats give you the rejuvenation that you crave and the self-discovery that you secretly long for  – all in a sacred circle of sisterhood.

What Happens At Our Retreats

  • TRUST - We create a safe space to fully let your hair down and share who you really are with no judgment or expectation. 
  • SHARE - We share our journey together; each shining a light that helps guide each other’s way. 
  • RELATE - We lift each other up in celebration and honor the wisdom and experience that only we women truly understand.
  • TRANSFORM - Seeing ourselves and each other through this powerful lense changes the way we lead our lives. 

What You Get In Our All-Inclusive Retreat

  • Retreat lodging on 100 private acres near the beautiful, rejuvenating Yuba River and Rock Creek. 
  • Private room with a queen bed, complete with organic sheets and towels. 
  • 3 meals a day. All meals will be prepared with love and made with organic foods and drinks.
  • Making meals together with intention and love goes beyond just nurturing your body; it feeds your mind and spirit too. 
  • Experiential workshops into your mind/body/spirit connection and give you answers to your deepest questions .
  • Materials and gifts that enhance this immersive experience in sisterhood .
  • Intimate Sister Circle Coaching.

It never ceases to amaze us how magical the unfolding has been every time for each woman; ourselves included. It's an amalgamate of love, vulnerability, bravery, connection, sharing, laughter, tears, trust, nourishment, playfulness, struggle and release, acceptance and so much more... And it continues on even after the retreat has ended.


There's a purity that happens when we approach the edge of our comfort zone and instead of retreating back into our shell, we free fall into the safety of each other. Wow, it's such a relief to let go of that baggage holding us down. And we should know! As two female Black Belts we put an awful lot of pressure on ourselves to "have all the answers" and "never ask for help." But we've learned that our lives are so much richer when we relax, embrace the moment and realize we have all the resources and support we need when we come together in sisterhood.

Oh, Did We Mention The Food?

It’s not just good; it’s amazing and nourishing, made with love by all. We’ve made lasagna with no noodles, homemade bone broth and flourless pancakes that are actually good for you… intriguing right?! We always explore and enjoy nutrient dense foods that keep us fat and happy all weekend. Some meals don't even require any work because they’ve already been prepped from an earlier meal. Who doesn't love to work less and gain more benefit? We give you all the pro tips.

Feeding Our Souls

We continue feeding our souls by communing with the natural world that surrounds us. Submerging in the river is purifying and invigorating. The hikes are far from the usual treks you’re used to; we always add a bit of mystique. The retreat space is spacious, warm, comfortable and meets our needs beautifully; but truthfully, it’s us sisters gathered that always make the space perfect.

We each come into the weekend with a bit of excitement, nervousness, curiosity and apprehension; and as the hosts we place high expectations on our hearts and minds to ensure each woman has a powerful experience.  Wisely, we’ve realized that as we release our expectations and soften into our intentions it becomes clear that everything will unfold for each sovereign woman as it’s meant to be.  

Through our declared intentions and personal discovery we grow closer to our essence and come out of the weekend with more clarity, purpose, love and faith. 

It's All Because Of YOU!

We want to thank every beautiful sister that’s been a part of our Awaken Retreats. As we serve you in helping you fulfill your higher calling, you do this for us as well. We couldn’t do these touching and transformative weekends without you!!! We hope they’re as equally special for you. 

Take the next step in becoming a part of our life-changing retreats. Register for our retreat and we'll contact you to answer all of your questions and share the next steps to prepare for this incredible experience.


It only takes a down payment of $149 to reserve your space and you can do monthly payments! Easy peasy right?!

Deep Connections and Kind Words From Our Sisterhood


The retreat with Awaken was not just heart opening and empowering, but it was also filled with much needed laughter and playfulness, something that is often lost in everyday life. This weekend reminded me to "not take life so seriously, it's only life after all... yeeah."

The openness and acceptance I felt not only by the hosts but each of the women attending is what I enjoyed most. I feel many of the activities helped to foster this.


Marie and Shizumi are two incredible human beings and leaders. Their strength and guidance were an amazing part of my being able to take so many leaps and risks.

Thank you!!! The safe space that was created here has been amazing. I feel so blessed by this entire experience and the sisterhood. 


It was awesome and loving and accepting with no judgment and GREAT food and learning. Loved it all! Thank you.


Shizumi and Marie did an awesome job at organizing and planning this retreat! What an incredible experience! I have never been to any kind of retreat before so I really didn't know what to expect, I just knew I needed to rest and to have some internal change in my life.

When I got to the house, I decided to leave my old self at the door and enter with an open mind and a full heart. I wanted to be a clean slate and to experience everything the awakened retreat had to offer.  I just had one complaint - IT WENT BY TOO FAST!  The whole time I was always too busy not even bored once. The time was fantastic! I loved hanging out with some awesome ladies who I have come to admire so much.

It was a much needed weekend where it had more of a slumber party vibe with heart-to-heart chats, making super yummy healthy foods, spending time in nature, going on hikes, wiggling my toes in the Yuba River, trying new food and activities, and getting in touch with my inner self. It was nice to unplug from electronics for a few days. Do yourself a favor, the next time this retreat has sign ups, dont think, just go! Do it for yourself. You wont regret it. I didn't!

Much love,



"It was an amazing experience and I look forward to attending more in the future. Beautifully and thoughtfully put together - Just need more time! :)"


"Three of the most incredible women I have ever met. They share their truth unapologetically and it's clear that they desire to enable others to do the same. Women empowering other women is a magical thing. This program is truly LIFE CHANGING. One weekend and my entire world is shifting. This is GOLD!"


"Mind, Body, Spirit was truly food for soul. The weekend not only offered personal growth and a chance to connect with nature, but most importantly established a true sisterhood."






  • Free Consultation

    STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Do you want to speak with us to make sure it's the perfect fit for you? No problem! We totally understand - Just send us an email through our contact page and we'll gladly schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation with you to answer all of your questions! Honest to goodness... No obligation... We pinky swear!

  • Six Easy Payments

    Down payment of only $149 to reserve your space, then 5 easy monthly payments of $175 (plus a $5 processing fee) will be automatically billed thereafter.

  • Pay in Full ($175 savings)

    When you pay in full, you receive a savings of $175! As an added bonus we're giving you a 60 minute Mastermind Session with us to discuss any topic of your choice (value of $150!).




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