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Rite of Passage Ceremony


A 9 Month Rite of Passage
Program and Retreat for Women

We're so glad you found your way here.

Trust us, this is no coincidence; there's a perfect timing in the universe.

Here we are and here you are - Together. Perfect!

Let us introduce you to the bones of Rhythms and why it exists. This is all aimed at helping you understand who Rhythms is for and if you want to sign up to take this journey with us in November. It's an intimate sisterhood and we purposefully limit our sacred circle to 22 women. We also go through an interview process to make sure it's the right fit for us and... YOU!


Tuning Into Rhythms
For long ages we’ve lived in a male dominated world. In kind, both men and women have learned to suppress the feminine qualities, believing them to have less value.

We now stand at a pivotal point to correct this faulty thinking. Women cannot wait for the masculine side to equalize this imbalance. It will never happen if we don’t create it for ourselves. If we want to see this change, we must be this change.

And let us not forget the countless brave women who’ve gone before us and devoted their lives for the freedoms we now have. Their strengths and sacrifices have been the illumination that have lit our way.

Feminine Leadership
Tapping into our intuition, expressing our emotions, showing our vulnerabilities, embracing the rhythms of our bodies and nurturing our selves are the essential keys to create feminine leadership. It starts with each one of us individually making the decision to empower our self. When we do this we give all women permission to rise in their sovereignty and rise up together.

We lead the way in the only true way there is to lead – by example!

We believe it’s your time, and that’s why we’ve been drawn together. You’re seeking to intimately know your inner power and poise, and we’ve devoted our lives to this path; which is the only reason we’re in position to share this journey with you. We don’t have the answers for you, but we can point you in the direction to find them for yourself.

Rhythms is a pathway to lead you back into yourself and experience a rite of passage. We cannot express enough the importance of the rite of passage. It's a knowing that you can't read from a book or gain in a classroom. You have to live it. It's profound.

As we began to create Rhythms back in 2016, we kept circling back around to our connection to the rhythms of the earth and moon. In nature there’s a perfect harmony flowing at all times. With the changes of the seasons - the cycles of the moon - the conception of a human - and even to the life of a plant, there is a rhythm. We’re a part of this flow and our bodies are in attunement with that of the heavens and earth even when we may not see or feel this connection consciously. Becoming aware of our own internal rhythms unlocks the awakening of our feminine power and the recognition of our oneness with everything.
If you didn’t already know, we are both Black Belts in an intensely powerful system of Martial Arts. We can say it’s intensely powerful because we’ve shed the blood, sweat and tears to prove it. Throughout our Martial Arts journey we’ve followed a core philosophy in our system – “white belt is conception and Black Belt is birth.” This is to say that at Black Belt the real learning begins. It’s the reinvention of self – a true rebirth.

We chose this philosophy to be the foundation of Rhythms. Taking this conception to birth concept, we can apply this flow to anything we want to do to keep reinventing ourselves. It’s built into our very nature.

On this 9 month intensive journey (online) and retreat (in person) together, we’ll move through, explore and find the answers that we have inside us.

Why Nine Months?
Nine months is a powerful passage of time for a woman. In this time she can conceive, nurture and birth a child. There’s fire and magic and harmony in this. Having the capacity to support life growing inside of us is nothing short of a miracle! This makes us special

Maturing into our cycle of becoming a woman and then synchronizing with the phases of the moon approximately every 28 days is no coincidence. Each month we shed the old to make space for new growth and potential. And while it may not always be pleasant, it’s certainly not dirty or shameful. It’s our natural rhythm. This makes us special

Did you know that about 70% of the earth is covered in water? That the moon’s relationship with earth is what controls the tides of the oceans? Are these scientific phenomena’s not mysterious and beautiful? Are they not just a perfect part of nature?

Did you also know that about 70% of the human body consists of water? And that the moon’s relationship with our bodies is what controls our monthly menstrual cycle? Why is it then that it’s so easy to accept the outer miracles and yet so hard to accept the wondrous miracles that are living inside of us? 

We only need to look at nature to see it’s perfect rhythms in force and at play. Nature is a masterpiece. We are a masterpiece. When we can but tune into our rhythms we discover our balance and a deeper, more meaningful connection to our mother earth and father sky, our connection to all beings and our more intimate connection to our higher self and our source. 

No one can give these secrets to us. We must seek and explore of our own volition to find these personal truths and walk our path in a balance of grace and power. 

And likewise no one can do it alone. We need each other. We come together in sisterhood and we awaken.


The Trimesters
We’ve broken down the Rhythms journey into 3 trimesters that focus on the main areas of our lives, each consisting of 3 months in length. Each topic is 1 month:



  1. Body

  2. Mind

  3. Spirit

Second Trimester: PURPOSE AND CAREER

  1. Purpose

  2. Experience & Education

  3. Execution

Third Trimester: RELATIONSHIPS

  1. Yourself

  2. Your Partner or Ideal

  3. Family, Friends, Community

Each month represents a full cycle of the rhythm of the moon.

The pull of the moon affects everything that surrounds us including ourselves. Because of this the moon phases are an integral part of the mood and energy of each week.

Setting The Mood
Each week we will move with the rhythm of the moon.

  • Waning

  • New

  • Waxing

  • Full

Waning Moon
The first week of every month will be the waning period. A time for attunement and assessment. During this phase you have the opportunity to recognize issues that you’re not willing to let continue or you may find you’re extremely pleased with where things are at. Your thoughts may be introspective, understanding and exploratory. You’re checking in to see where things are at.

New Moon
The second week flows into the new moon in which it is time to make an intention for what you want to experience. Once you’ve made your intention, you need to determine whether you’re going to be 100% committed to the process. You need to decide what you plan to commit to and why this is important to you. This is a time for intention and commitment.

Waxing Moon
The third week now becomes the waxing moon. A time for intuition and trust. This is the time to stay opened minded and foster an open heart. You’ll focus on really listening to your intuition and trusting that you have the answer. You’ll allow your inner wisdom to reveal what you’re looking for and what you need.

Full Moon
The last week of each month is the time to reflect upon what has been learned and share with others. A time of reflection and amplification. To amplify the energy that you’ve been building. To celebrate your dedication to yourself. To let go where necessary and allow yourself to move forward into your next cycle.

Each week you'll dive into the coursework online. We'll see you once weekly live in our Zoom session and we interact frequently within our private facebook group. At the conclusion of our 9 month journey we all gather in person and experience an incredibly powerful rite of passage. This is the initiation to fully embody your rebirth.

Join us - It's time to Awaken!



Assessment & Attunement

Intention & Commitment

Intuition & Trust

Reflect & Amplify


Assessment & Attunement

Intention & Commitment

Intuition & Trust

Reflect & Amplify


Assessment & Attunement

Intention & Commitment

Intuition & Trust

Reflect & Amplify

Personal Wellness


Assessment & Attunement

Intention & Commitment

Intuition & Trust

Reflect & Amplify

Experience & Education

Assessment & Attunement

Intention & Commitment

Intuition & Trust

Reflect & Amplify


Assessment & Attunement

Intention & Commitment

Intuition & Trust

Reflect & Amplify


Career & Purpose


Assessment & Attunement

Intention & Commitment

Intuition & Trust

Reflect & Amplify

Your Partner or Ideal

Assessment & Attunement

Intention & Commitment

Intuition & Trust

Reflect & Amplify

Family, Friends, Community

Assessment & Attunement

Intention & Commitment

Intuition & Trust

Reflect & Amplify


Is Rhythms For You?

For the past four years we've spent painstaking care creating our transformational school, Rhythms.

We designed it for women like us...
Women who are seeking more... 
Women who are willing to break the mold to get it...
Women who refuse to settle for mediocrity as a way of life.

Are you that woman?

Our Guarantee

Through Rhythms we devote ourselves:
To help you heal
To love yourself unconditionally
To remember who you really are and why you're here

And to believe in yourself so much... that you do it

We guarantee this will be a life-changing experience (see our testimonials!) - LINK

Some Of What You Can Expect
~ A safe, sacred place to experience a full healing from your past
~ Reclaim the power you gave away or had taken from you without permission
~ Clearly hear what your soul is calling you to do
~ Trust and believe in yourself
~ Know you'll become who you've been destined to be
~ Discover what's holding you back
~ Find courage and strength you didn't know you had
~ See that vulnerability is a key that unlocks your hidden power
~ Have an intimate relationship with your intuition and higher-self
~ Gain clarity to make decisions that are for your highest good
~ An internal compass that always points you in the right direction
~ Fall madly in love with yourself
~ Relationships that are mutually gratifying
~ Your mind|body|spirit will balance and work in synergy
~ Attunement of your womanly rhythms in concert with universal rhythms
~ Live your dream life instead of dreaming it
~ Do work that you love
~ Passion about what you're doing in the world
~ Feel lighter and happier
~ Feel pleasure without guilt
~ Soulful sisterhood
~ Your self-mastery and enlightenment making the world a better place to live in
~ A rite of passage at our retreat to initiate you into your awakening
~ Lifetime access to our school
~ Lifetime discounts to our annual retreats

So... Let's recap

What Is Rhythms?
Rhythms is a 9 month online journey for a small, select group of women that are seeking more from life. It's a catalyst for enlightenment. As women we have an intrinsic rhythmic connection to nature, both within ourselves and with the universe. Rhythms helps us remember this connection.

Rhythms is playful, practical, sensual, primal and spiritual.

Through weekly coursework delivered via email, coupled with live group video sessions and a private facebook group you'll discover the natural rhythms within you and your sisterhood that guide you towards what beckons you most. 

This transformative journey will culminate in a celebratory and ceremonial initiation retreat to consummate your rite of passage with the sisters who've inspired and supported you along the way. The retreat is powerful and ahhhhhmazing! Like glamping in heaven-on-earth!

How It Works
Rhythms is a 3 part journey diving deep into the three main aspects of our lives: 
   ~ Personal Well-being (3 months)
   ~ Career/Purpose (3 months)
   ~ Relationships (3 months)

Each year Rhythms will culminate in an incredible all-inclusive retreat. Women that have completed the 9 month transformation at that point will experience a personalized initiation to signify the birth of their reinvented selves and will receive their certification from Awaken. It will be a magical experience for all!!!

   ~ Completion of full 9 month Rhythms program through Awaken entitles alumnus to a certificate of completion and the opportunity to become a certified sponsored leader of Rhythms. (Ask for details if this interests you).

Retreat/Rite of Passage Details
Retreat/Rite of Passage ceremony takes place in September and is determined by the sisterhood to find dates that work for all.
The retreat/rite of passage initiation is free to all women who complete Rhythms in full.

Application Prerequisites
   ~ Women at least 18 years of age
   ~ Attend Live On-Boarding webinar session (Time TBD that works for all women)
   ~ Commit to at least three months of Rhythms (about 2 to 6 hours/week of personal development)
   ~ Commit to one hour video call a week (Time TBD that works for all women)
   ~ Women that deeply want to feel in the drivers seat of their life (stick shift, not automatic... "wink, wink")
   ~ Women ready to commit to deep, personal work within a like-minded sisterhood

Personal Investment
(* Note: Because this is the launch of Rhythms, we will never offer this deal again! The price will go up next year. And remember that once you invest in Rhythms you'll have lifetime access to this program and swell discounts for all future retreats.)

Many programs will try to hide their costs until after they connect with you personally. We share our price openly because there's no hidden agenda and we want you to know how incredibly affordable Rhythms is for everything that we offer. We promise you won't find a better deal anywhere!

Space is limited to 22 women.

Rhythms (All-Inclusive Retreat/Initiation included!)
Paid in full = $1088 ($100 savings) **Bonus** - invest in this option and you'll also receive a 90 minute personalized Mastermind session!
Installments = 12 monthly payments of $99

All-Inclusive Retreat Only (rite of passage initiation not included)
Paid in full = $428 ($100 savings)
Installments = 6 monthly payments of $88



If this is YOU, please fill out the application below and we'll contact you shortly for an interview to make sure the sisterhood is a perfect fit all around!


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