Mind. Body. Spirit.

For the modern wonder woman who feels the need to do it all....

We know you don't have to do it alone.

Our coaching programs will provide you with the resources to unlock your own innate wisdom while building the trust to listen to it. 

With the tools that you'll develop over the course of our program, you'll build the confidence you need to design and manifest the life that you dream of.

Women remembering their power is just the beginning....

It's time to awaken your inner badass. 

We Invite You to Explore....



Weight Loss

Nutrient Dense Foods

Fermentation & Probiotics

Autoimmune Protocol


Stress Management

Sleeping Patterns

Changing Habits


Connection to Your Higher Self


Following the Right Path?

Seeking New Avenues?

Changing Career Paths?

Get Unstuck

Find Alignment & Purpose

Find Your Calling

Be More Confident

Improve Communication Skills

Redefining Leadership

Paradigm Shift of the Woman's Role

Determining Your Value


Do Your Relationships Serve You?

Develop Fulfilling Relationships

Self Care



Being True to You

How to Be Open to Love

Finding Balance

Stop People Pleasing

Assumed Cultural Gender Roles?

How To Ask For What You Want

Releasing Shame & Guilt

Forgiving Yourself

Rewriting Your Story



A 9 month journey for women to explore and experience their true power.


Through online weekly connections coupled with live private and group sessions you will discover the natural rhythms within you that will guide you into your highest expression.


This transformative journey will culminate in a celebratory weekend retreat with the sisters who've inspired and supported you along the way.

Health Coaching

Health and wellness is about achieving a state of balance for your mind, body and spirit. When something is off in any one of our systems it can overflow into another area causing a negative chain reaction. Because we are so close to ourselves it can be hard to pinpoint the issue. We can provide a fresh, unbiased perspective.

So, whether you're trying to lose weight, build muscle, become more active, eat cleaner, detox, learn about nutrient dense meals, drop the "diet" 

mentality, explore fermentation and probiotics, learn about food sensitivities and just plain feel better we have the insight and tools for you.

Mastermind Session

A Life Coach can be an invaluable person in your life when you have specific questions that need to be addressed or don't even know what your question is, but just feel stuck.

In our private Mastermind Sessions, you'll receive personalized mentoring from both coaches of Awaken at once.


Each coach offers a unique perspective to give you the insight you crave to the questions that you most want to have answered.

Nothing is taboo. You can ask about anything. We're here to support all people on their paths in a non-judgmental way.

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