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Trust, Play and Relax with some terrific women for a weekend of enlightenment


Connection ~ Organic Food ~ Personal Growth

An all-inclusive, life changing weekend at a really affordable price

Our All Inclusive Retreats Include:

Nutrition and Health

Workshops, Preparing, Cooking & Enjoying Healthy Delicious Foods

  • Creating healthy meals begins the start of a healthy body.

  • Making meals with intention and love goes beyond your body into your mind and spirit.

  • Fermented drinks and food will be explored.

  • Bringing back the joy and fun of creating and eating meals together.    

  • All meals will be local and/or organic food and drinks.

  • 3 meals a day plus optional snacks.

Movement and Body Awareness

Honoring Your Temple with Movement

  • Moving is not only healthy for your body but also feeds your mind and engages your spirit. 

  • Experience how your body communicates its wisdom to you.

  • We'll take you on hiking adventures. Ahhh... fresh air!

  • Engaging our senses in an entirely heightened way.

  • Using a palette of motion, we'll take you on a journey through:

    • Tai Chi

    • Dancing

    • Water exploration

    • Pilates & Yoga        

Self Care

Respecting the Time and Space Needed to Nurture Yourself

  • Self exploration gives you mind blowing insight.

  • Deepen the way you communicate with yourself and others.

  • Mindfulness and slowing down is a tool to experience peace.

  • Connection with the natural world grounds you so you can soar higher.

  • We'll share meditation practices that help you gain clarity and internal power.

  • Develop an intimate relationship with your intuition and learn how to trust it.

  • Mind, body, spirit all need to be in balance to create our well-being.

  • Feel a community of women who love, support and celebrate you exactly as you are.

  • Share without fear, guilt, shame or any other cruddy stuff.

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The retreat with Awaken was not just heart opening and empowering, but it was also filled with much needed laughter and playfulness, something that is often lost in everyday life. This weekend reminded me to "not take life so seriously, it's only life after all... yeeah."

The openness and acceptance I felt not only by the hosts but each of the women attending is what I enjoyed most. I feel many of the activities helped to foster this.



Marie and Shizumi are two incredible human beings and leaders. Their strength and guidance were an amazing part of my being able to take so many leaps and risks.

Thank you!!! The safe space that was created here has been amazing. I feel so blessed by this entire experience and the sisterhood. 



It was awesome and loving and accepting with no judgment and GREAT food and learning. Loved it all! Thank you.



Shizumi and Marie did an awesome job at organizing and planning this retreat! What an incredible experience! I have never been to any kind of retreat before so I really didn't know what to expect, I just knew I needed to rest and to have some internal change in my life.


When I got to the house, I decided to leave my old self at the door and enter with an open mind and a full heart. I wanted to be a clean slate and to experience everything the awakened retreat had to offer.  I just had one complaint - IT WENT BY TOO FAST!  The whole time I was always too busy not even bored once. The time was fantastic! I loved hanging out with some awesome ladies who I have come to admire so much.


It was a much needed weekend where it had more of a slumber party vibe with heart-to-heart chats, making super yummy healthy foods, spending time in nature, going on hikes, wiggling my toes in the Yuba River, trying new food and activities, and getting in touch with my inner self. It was nice to unplug from electronics for a few days. Do yourself a favor, the next time this retreat has sign ups, dont think, just go! Do it for yourself. You wont regret it. I didnt!


Much love,




"It was an amazing experience and I look forward to attending more in the future. Beautifully and thoughtfully put together - Just need more time! :)"



"Three of the most incredible women I have ever met. They share their truth unapologetically and it's clear that they desire to enable others to do the same. Women empowering other women is a magical thing. This program is truly LIFE CHANGING. One weekend and my entire world is shifting. This is GOLD!"



"Mind, Body, Spirit was truly food for soul. The weekend not only offered personal growth and a chance to connect with nature, but most importantly established a true sisterhood."

Customize Your Own Retreat

Deep Connections Made In Sisterhood

We all need to getaway sometimes, recharge our batteries and nurture the one relationship that matters most – our relationship with ourself!

At Awaken, we specialize in creating a one-of-a-kind experience for hard working women who need to press pause, getaway, and feed their soul, so they can come back to their life rejuvenated.

We bring you a customized weekend retreat, where you’ll have a direct influence on retreat creation.

From an adventurous, heart-pounding weekend of challenges to a relaxing, meditative experience by the water, or perhaps a bit of both – you decide the theme of your retreat and we take care of all the details.

What Happens At Our Retreats

•    TRUST - We create a safe and sacred space for each woman to completely let her hair down and share who she really is with no judgment or expectation. 

•    SHARE - We share our journey together; each shining a light that helps guide each other’s way. 

•    RELATE - We lift each other up in celebration and honor the wisdom and experience that only we as women can truly understand. 

•    TRANSFORM - Seeing ourselves and each other through this powerful lense changes the way we lead our lives.

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