Marie has 20 years experience creating & cooking wholesome food, emphasizing nutrient dense foods and fermentation.  She has fostered sustainable living skills, including building a straw bale house, creating earth plasters and earthen floors as well as animal care and growing food. 


Marie’s teachings will fundamentally shift the way you take care of yourself and your family. 

  • B.A. in Sports and Recreation

  • Certified in Permaculture

  • Manages a Small Farm

  • Successfully unschooled 3 children whom are now in college

  • Black Belt in Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu


Shizumi is a Professional Martial Artist and Dancer with over 20 years of experience. She runs a Health, Wellness and Martial Arts Center in Northern California that she co-owns with her husband.

Having been on both sides of the mentoring spectrum, she understands the profound impact that life coaching delivers. She's found that the best mentoring relationships are the ones in which both mentor and student teach one another.

  • B.Sc. Oriental Medicine

  • A.Sc. Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Certified Integrative Health Coach

  • Black Belt in Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu

  • Alumnus of Nisha Moodley's Soul of Leadership


Working with Shizumi has been by far the best 'investment' in myself I have ever made! There aren't enough words to describe how beneficial it continues to be in my well being and happiness. She 'knows her stuff', she is intuitive, she is warm and loving. I am forever grateful.


"I have had the privilege of knowing Marie for the past 13 years. With her child rearing wisdom and vast knowledge of sustainable living, she has been a profound inspiration-a model for walking lightly on the earth. Her delicious and deeply nutritious food is awe inspiring! And even beyond all of these gifts, Marie is a woman of integrity, joy, commitment and kindness."


It's no coincidence that if you put women together, do or die for their Black Belts, you're going to be in the presence of strength, especially from this particular Dojo. Both of us train together in a self-defense system called Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu. This training, much more so than our academic achievements is what set the foundation for the transformational work we do with women.


Decades of diving into the deepest parts of ourselves and never giving up no matter what the odds or challenges has given us keen insight into what we're really made of. We always strive to be our best and there's no greater feeling than helping someone else find their best too!  

There's no mistaking the message of your intuition once it calls upon you. Ours was a series of "YES's" that unfolded rapidly over a short period of time, and instead of doubting or ignoring the signs, we listened! In the beginning, we didn't know why we needed to work together, we just knew we needed to unite and something beautiful would unfold. 

​After hosting our first retreat it became clear that our hearts and minds were in complete alignment. This retreat changed our lives. Unashamed, total honesty and trust was what opened the door for us. We took a leap of faith. From then on, intention, commitment and passion is what has bonded us and guided us. The secrets we uncovered were too important to keep hidden. We combined all our years of training and coaching and putting our trust in each other, decided to share... decided to change the world.

This is how it starts ladies...

To come forward, look beyond what is comfortable and seek inward to know what we can become.  It's time to begin a new story and let go of our identity that isn’t serving us. 

To plant the seed that intention and belief are key to opening ourselves to a new reality and our highest expression.

To love completely so that we may experience the power and courage within us.

To create and offer a comfortable, non-judgmental and fun space for women to step out of their daily routine and into a relaxing, safe atmosphere to learn new ways to seek and explore their amazing gifts.

To connect our mind with our body and spirit so that we learn to create a balance in our lives that can nourish and support each one in the ultimate belief that our well-being is the most important aspect of our lives.

For women everywhere to awaken and embrace our full-loving-bad-ass-selves by shedding habits that no longer serve us, releasing feelings like fear and judgement to truly believe in ourselves that we do have within us the ability to rock this world.

To realize that we all have the warrior inside of us just waiting to be unleashed into this world.

We have within us the power, choice and control to create our own experiences. This healing, love and well-being starts within you!  We decide how we want to show up in this world!

And so the transformation unfolds…

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