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A 9 Month Journey & Retreat for a Small, Select Group of Women to Explore & Experience their True Power


Time & Location

Time TBD

Location TBD

About the event

Welcome to our Rhythms Program!

When coming up with this program, our minds kept circling back to the rhythms of the earth and how our rhythms of the body are in attunement with that of the earth. Feeling this connection is the start of understanding our feminine powers and we only need to look at this connection to remember the perfection of nature and how we are part of this amazing rhythm of life.

With the turning of the seasons, the cycles of the moon, the conception of a human, to the life a plant, there is the rhythm of the birth or beginning thru the flow of the journey to the release or letting go, to begin yet once again.

Remembering, acknowledging and embracing these miracles that surrounds us daily are part of our feminine strength.

With every rhythm and cycle, there is a flow between the female and the male energies that needs to be kept in a harmonious balance. We are living in a masculine environment right now and as women we have learned to suppress our feminine strengths to try to fit into and survive the world of the masculine energy. By doing this, we have lost our power and our balance. There needs to be a balance between the feminine and male energies within us for when they are at this equilibrium, they work together and compliment one another. We need to tap into our strength and power by using our intuition, expressing our emotions, showing our vulnerabilities, nurturing one another and allowing ourselves to look for support when we need it. These traits need to be allowed to come through us so that we may accept and acknowledge our feminine side. The importance for these traits to be recognized is vital to our health and for the health of our planet .

We come together as a community of committed woman with strong intentions to grow, learn, challenge, love one another and to love ourselves.

This is the time to start leading ourselves into finding the path that can bring us back into our natural rhythms and find the balance within us.

With this in mind, these natural rhythms will be in alignment with our 9 month journey together as we move through and explore our personal health and well-being, our purpose and our relationships.

What to expect from our program:

The first three months, we will come to a deeper understanding and exploration of personal health and well-being of our mind, body and spirit.

Next, we'll flow into our purpose. Why are we here and what are we here to do? If you're truly moving toward what calls to you in your heart, then whatever you do, the universe will be there to support you every step of your chosen path.

And finally, the last 3 months will be about the connection and relationships toward our partners, families, friends and the communities that surrounds us.

A small, select group of like-minded women that will share an intimate and life-changing experience together.

We will be doing this by a weekly content delivery through:

  • Emailing you : Through emails, we will express insights, thoughts, questions to ponder, worksheets, activities and mediation practices that will apply to our topic at hand.
  • Live calls for reflection and questions : This will be the space for you to reflect upon what we have learned and ask questions that may arise.
  • Host videos : We will host videos and discuss relevant topics based on our weekly materials .
  • Private Facebook Group: In this space you'll be able to share with your fellow sisters about your experience going through Rhythms, ask questions and get feedback in a completely non-judgmental and loving space. You'll also get feedback from your hosts as we'll stay in touch there frequently through the whole journey together.
  • One to one sister connection: Each week, there is an opportunity to come together via video conference or telephone with a different sister within the program to form a connection; to share and grow with each other.
  • Once a month, we will also come together for a LIVE mastermind session with us.
  • Retreat : At the end of our journey, we will gather together for a weekend retreat in Northern California. This will be our opportunity to meet each other to celebrate and connect in person our unique selves. This is our time to meet the sisters who’ve inspired and supported you along the way.

Who is this for?

  • This journey is for women who are looking for a deepened understanding of ourselves.
  • Women looking to increase health and well being through learning more about nutrition, habits, attitudes, exercise, intuition and daily rituals .
  • Any woman feeling stuck and looking for a shift within to realign themselves in finding their purpose.
  • Women wanting to redefine or rewrite their story to feel their self come back into balance .
  • A very special woman that wants personal attention and guidance from wise women to become the vision she sees and feels herself as.
  • Women seeking an exclusive, intimate sister circle to share their soul with.

Why is this program catered toward woman?

Right now, we have a world that is an unbalanced example of our domination of masculine energy while suppressing the energy that we call the feminine. We believe all of us feel this imbalance and each gender needs to work on bringing themselves back into balance. It is so important for all of us to recognize our feminine side and there is much work to be done but we feel it is vital for women to come into our power and embrace the qualities of our feminine which is our strength.

This program is just for women but we feel that if women rise up, the men around us can learn from our strength. We believe part of the role for men is to support and encourage the woman in their lives to stand up and become what we are meant to be.

Roughly half of the population are women and if we can reach out to these women and have them call forth our strength to the world, what an amazing connection everyone would feel! If women rise up, men can’t help but to notice and they will be affected as well. It is easy to once again bring our nurturing side into this by wanting to help our men come into their feminine energy but we believe it is time for us to focus on ourselves.

We must heal ourselves first before we can help others. This is something as women that we can do together for support.

A community of women that is here to help, care and support one another and to realize this is not our weakness but our power.

In order to put this back into balance, we all need to rise up and unleash the feminine within us all. But for the present moment……

One woman at a time….

The value of this 9 month journey:

For the cost of dinner and a movie date once a week, you can empower your life in a way that completely transcends what you thought possible.

You'll have lifetime access to all of our online materials, calls, videos, and private Facebook Group that we explore throughout the program, and you'll celebrate the entire journey with sisters that committed to this same transformation in all inclusive retreat.

The retreat will be held in a very relaxing and beautiful Northern California location for a connection to our selves and nature, and as always will be right next to the water to experience the healing and rejuvenation that it brings to our souls. It will include all organic food sourced from our homes, local farms and/or trusted organic brands.

Rhythms is only open to a very select circle of women to ensure that every woman gets the individualized attention and guidance that they need to fully blossom. We guarantee that each woman will feel completely received and honored during our journey together, and that is why we keep our program small.

We have convenient and personalized payment plans. There's always a way to make happen what you want to happen. We want to include you; you can pay in full (for a discounted price), or you can create whatever monthly payment works for you, as long as it's paid off in 2 years.

To begin with, why not schedule a complimentary half-hour session with us to explore our program and find out if it's a good fit.

Deepest blessings to you and yours. We're holding you in sacred space!


  • Monthly Payments

    This is our most budget friendly option for this life-changing program: 18 monthly payments of $260. No down payment is required.

  • Deposit + 9 monthly payments

    For women with a more conservative budget we offer the following plan: $1000 down payment, then 9 monthly payments of $383.

  • Payment in Full

    When you pay for Rhythms in full, you'll receive a discount of up to $495 off of other payment plans. We're also excited to offer a one-hour private, complimentary Mastermind Session with all 3 hosts of Awaken. This is a $300 value.




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