Guiding Light Meditation

This meditation is for those who want to reinvent their life - experience a rebirth - or simply tap into a deeper, wiser part of their self… And it doesn’t have to be used as a once in a lifetime event. The preferred way to use this meditation is as an annual renewal; a time to shed old skin that you’ve outgrown and tap into the new part of you wanting to be born.

Rather than making annual or New Year’s Resolutions, which are often quite unsuccessful, you can use this rebirthing tool to manifest a new core feeling or theme to focus on for the rest of the year or until you feel ready to move on again. This is not a to-do list! – It’s far from it; this is a distillation of what you want to experience, feel, become, be and embody without any unnecessary fluff. This is one thing; and that’s important because when we give ourselves fully to one thing, we concentrate our power and we concentrate the energy of “the thing” we’re manifesting.

The Guiding Light Meditation is a process that takes you from conception to birth, with the understanding that the experience leading up to birth is a development and it takes time to unfold. And with that concept in mind, we want you to realize that even if personally, we don’t physiologically have the ability to bring a baby into this world, it doesn’t diminish the creative potential we hold within ourselves. Some may have gone through the change of life or have had difficulty or inability with fertility or just plainly have no desire to procreate, and yet nonetheless we all carry the code to create. By birth we are creators. And that’s what we’re trying to get across; that each of us, man and woman, have the potential to become open to all of the possibilities and to foster something into existence.

The idea being conception, the embodiment being birth. So, this is why nine months is the perfect amount of time to grant yourself this journey (and this is also why Rhythms is nine months long.)

So, listen to your inner voice. Let it guide you along your way to make nurturing and empowering choices, and blossom into the world in a strong, healthy and fulfilling way.

Another unique function of this meditation is that it asks you to look inside for your answers instead of looking to others to give it to you. This experience will show you it’s not something “out there,” but rather “in here.” You’ll take it with you wherever you go. It’s always within you.

Well, you’ll see…

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