If you're like us, the modern wonder woman who feels like she's got to do it all and what's more, do it all by herself, then you're not alone. On our paths we've learned that the ambitious woman who fills her own cup first has more to give to everyone else, but that's often not our typical behavior pattern. There's an art to leading a productive and yet soul fulfilling life and it starts with having support and community around you.


That's where we come in. We know you have unlimited potential and that you truly have all the answers within you, but you don't have to do it alone. Our coaching programs help guide you back to your own innate wisdom and build the trust to listen to it. With the tools and resources we'll arm you with over the course of the program you'll feel confident and capable of manifesting any personal or professional goals in your life. Become the leader you were born to be.

Coaching Programs

Let's face it, in the grand scheme of life, we women are amazing, but regardless of how hard we rock it, we all dip into periods of funk where we don't feel and express our full mojo.

This doesn't mean there's something inherently wrong with us. It simply means we need a fresh perspective to clear out the cobwebs that keep us stuck in our old feeling and thought patterns.

Our consulting services provide a safe and sacred space to help you find perspective during these funky times. In a personal mastermind session we two are here to help you regain balance by providing targeted insight and establishing tools to get you back into full mojo mode.

Consulting Services

There is a magic that happens when women gather together with like-minded intention. Our retreats create a safe space for women to open themselves fully in a supportive environment where we embrace self discovery.


Coming to a revelation is not without it's challenges, which is why we engage in playful exploration to move beyond our comfort zone.

Let's explore our connection to mind, body and spirit and embark on this life changing experience together.

No joke, our retreats are the bomb dot com.


We're experienced Life Coaching Professionals who can help shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one. Whether it’s your career, your relationships, or anything else that’s important to you, We’ll help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter in life.

Women remembering their power is just the beginning...

Our Story

Feminine Leadership Coaches

We believe that an awakening of the feminine spirit is transpiring in the world, and YES, women remembering their power is just the beginning... 

Self-exploration leads to self-discovery and only through deep personal intention and commitment can we uncover the secret of our strength as women. We two lady warriors have dedicated our lives, heart and soul, to the empowerment of women like us: women who know there's got to be more.  Women who are willing to break the mold to get it.

And guess what? There's so much more! We've answered our calling, ladies. Join us on our journey as we Rewrite Our Story.

“When God opens a door and it looks dark on the inside, don't fret. You are forgetting one thing; you are light, and only when you go in does it light up”

Temitope Ibrahim 

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