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Because Love... That's Why

Dreaming Together

I asked my husband what I should write about tonight and he said: “Write about how much you love your husband and how much your husband loves you.”

I thought “hmmm… that’s impossible, but I’ll give it a whirl.”

You know how you hear a lover say, “I would die for you,” and this represents the totality of love and romance; the ultimate sacrifice. Actually, this is 100% true. My husband and I would die for one another, but what I think is so much more important than laying down our lives for each other is that we LIVE for each other every day.

We’re two whole beings sharing the same path, both committed to the same divine purpose, completion of our selves; perfection of character. We cannot attain this. Not even close. Why even try, right?

Because love.

Love is the closest gateway we have to experience perfection. When two souls commit to their path of perfection together there’s only one way to go… fall deep into an abyss where only your love and faith for each other can guide you.

You will see all the beauty and tenderness and rejoice in each other’s eyes.

You will see all the horrors and ugliness and find strength in each other’s eyes.

You will look into each other’s eyes and you will know the truth. You will know the truth of who you are. You will show that to each other. There are no secrets. There is only us. There is only love.

Here I am. I reveal myself to you. I see you and you are perfect.

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