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To friend or not to friend?

Friends making faces


When I was a child nothing was more important to me than my friends. I wasn't what you'd call popular; I had just a few very close friends and it didn't matter what we were doing, just that we were together.

Years went by. Life happened. For almost the past two decades I consciously chose not to have friends. I was working on me. And since I believe that real friendships, though not 100% of the time, do require 100% of you. With a friend you have to be all in.

I wasn't willing to sacrifice my spiritual path to invest in friendships. I had committed to becoming my own best friend and mastering myself through the Martial Arts, and it's been worth it every step of the way!

Last year though, I opened my heart up to having a girlfriend. Don't get me wrong, my husband is hands down my most best friend in the universe, but I hadn't had a girlfriend in a loooong time. This is what changed.

It was scary to open my heart to another female at first. It meant that I could get hurt. I could get my heart broken. I could care more about them than they did about me. I opened my heart anyway. And while there was heartache, I stayed true to myself and always honest with them and I found a sacred connection with two extraordinary women that I call Friend. They are like the sisters I never had.

When you're ready for a real friendship... hold on to your hat because it's going to be a incredible ride!!! You'll feel vulnerable, blown open, intimate, worried, unsure, sad, overjoyed, excited, held, heard. You'll laugh and cry and share secrets, nurture and tell each other the truth when it's hard to swallow. You'll always be there for each other.

Friends... I give you the only thing I can give. It's my most precious gift. I give you my heart.

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