Rhythms - Changing the Masculine/Feminine Paradigm

Rhythms is our signature coaching program.

It is a 9 month journey and retreat for women to explore and experience their true power.


For far too long we’ve experienced a masculine driven model of what strength and power and success look like. All of us, men and women alike have been raised to believe that our feminine side is the weaker aspect of our selves; ‘don’t let your feelings show, boy’s don’t cry, that’s a man’s job, that’s a woman’s job, you run like a girl, don’t be such a girl, that’s not very lady like,’ and the list goes on. Essentially all things ‘strong’ are associated with the masculine energy. And this is simply not true.

Vulnerability, feeling our emotions, sharing our feelings, listening and receptivity, nurturing, trusting our intuition and being compassionate are feminine traits that embody just as much strength and power as the masculine traits of courage, assertiveness, confidence, logic and reason, independence, discipline and fighting for what you believe in.

The problem doesn’t lie in the masculine or feminine powers; it lies in the imbalance of either one of them. The problem is that we’ve been deceived about the true power of our femininity. No other female species in the animal kingdom has been suppressed like ours has. Females are fierce and wild and free. They are not only the child bearers and rearers, they are also often the leaders and hunters in their societies; just look at lionesses, elephants and honeybees. Meerkats, hyenas, orcas, ants, bonobos and lemurs also follow a matriarchal system.

Nature has a balance; a rhythm. We too have a balance, but because we’ve so long suppressed the feminine side , we’ve limited and stifled our true selves. Our innate rhythm is right under the surface and yet it’s been unrecognizable. It’s time to hear and feel and embrace this rhythm within us and reharmonize our lives.

It’s time to awaken the powerful woman inside of us. She’s compassionate… and courageous. Her vulnerability IS her strength. She’s intuitive and allows her emotions to flow without repression or shame, then permits these strengths to help guide her decisions as she actively creates her life.