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Did You Run Away Screaming?

girl facing ball of fire

Have you ever been faced with doing something that scared you? 👉🏼I’m talking heart racing, palms sweaty, slightly nauseated.... scared af.👈🏼 😳😬😫

What did you do in that moment? Did you run screaming? Did you try and succeed? Did you try, fail and quit? Did you try, fail and try again?🤔 and again and again and again?

Have you ever been that committed to something...? That you’d be willing to continually face your fears, conquer them... and move forward all the while knowing you’ll be coming up against the next bigger, badder, scarier thing?

Today I was faced with something that literally scared the shit out of me.

Martial arts training has a way of doing that.... 🥋🤷🏻‍♀️😬💪🏼🔥🙌🏼👏🏼

I’m trying to learn to do a straight over. 😫😂

That might seem like NO BIG DEAL to some people... and I know in the grand scheme of things one day I’ll look back at this moment and giggle... but today I am embracing the suck because this is my hard!

I might not have gotten it today. BUT I will. Because I won’t quit.

That’s how we become the most badass version of our highest possible self.

We face things that scare us... things that push us out of our comfort zones.

We push ourselves to continually learn new things... to grow 🌱

We don’t give up when things get hard.

I refuse to be that person anymore.

I’m not about that complacent life ✌🏼

So what did you do to push yourself today?

What are you facing that challenges you to be better?

I wanna hear youuu!

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