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Hey Girl, Change That Flat!

Ok. Honestly admitting that I’ve had a temporary set back…..

I recently had an experience to make a situation an opportunity to change a personal pattern but instead of rising to the occasion, I sank back into my old habit that did not serve me. In my case, it happened to revolve around getting a flat tire. It wasn’t necessarily the circumstance that I found myself in, but the feeling I had toward myself and how I reacted.

As I sat waiting for help, the more I realized my predicament. It wasn’t until a friend stopped by for me to realize the absurdity of my situation and how the outcome and feeling of my experience could have easily been different had I allowed myself the freedom to choose differently.

It was one of those moments when I can look back at my actions and feel disappointment with the questions of why didn’t I reach out and ask for help and why didn’t I seize the moment to learn something new. Sometimes we find ourselves back into the old thinking patterns of yesterday.

I sat thoughtfully and began to wonder why it can be hard to ask for help. Is it the part of me that doesn’t want to appear weak? To admit something that I probably ought to know? Or was it not about asking for help but simply being pulled back into my child hood where I was told by society that you can’t do this? We all have our different reasons or baggage that we continue to carry with us.

The good news is that if we can recognize these habits within ourselves and if we have a desire to shed the old thought patterns on how we think and behave, we can move forward to grow and change. Acknowledgement and acceptance is I think half the battle. Once we have acknowledged this, we can turn this situation into an experience to learn from, reflect upon then take what you believe to be the appropriate action.

So the next time, and there will be a next time again and again until I’m able to change that pattern, I’ll take the moment, make a conscious check in and place myself into a position of forming a new habit.

Whatever the situation may be for you, if it’s a habit you would like to change, don’t give up on yourself. Learn from whatever happened, reflect and create an action for yourself and try again.

Don’t worry, the universe has got your back and will put this learning situation back in the queue for you to try yet again until the opportunity is recognized and you sail through it like a “boss”.

Note to self: Next time when an opportunity arises, ask for help. We all need help and support from each other and Yes, you can do it!!!

Now, time to go outside and learn to fix a flat tire…

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